About Dr. Mark Chung

Pictured above: Dr. Mark Chung 

Dr. Chung opened the doors of the West Hollywood Optometric Center on November 4, 1986. The initial mission of the practice was simple and remains so today: to provide excellence in customer service, the utmost in thoroughness of eye examinations, and a detailed explanation of your specific ocular condition and treatment options, in language that you can understand.

Since those early days, Dr. Chung and his team of licensed opticians have been very fortunate to serve over 20,000 patients, many of whom are still yearly regulars. The doctor takes pride in keeping up with the latest technology in procedures, treatment options, examination techniques, new technology in contact lenses and ophthalmic lenses, as well as fashion trends; a good blend for the savvy clientele that the Center serves. He regularly attends seminars, continuing education courses, and product shows throughout the year, and meets regularly with contact lens and ophthalmic lens representatives to learn about the newest lens technology.

West Hollywood Optometric Center is a Proud Member of :

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Optometric Association

When the SB668 law passed in 1996 and optometrists in the State of California were authorized to prescribe oral and topical medication for ocular surface disease (conjunctivitis or “pink eye”, bacterial and viral infections, allergies, and inflammatory conditions), Dr. Chung underwent the required lecture hours as well as both state and national examinations to now practice as a therapeutically licensed optometrist.

Having worn glasses since age 11, and every modality of contact lenses since the age of 15, Dr. Chung feels particularly comfortable in fitting contact lenses suited to your unique visual demands and lifestyle, and specializes in fitting contact lenses for patients with astigmatism, bifocals, dry eyes, overwear syndrome, and first-time anxiety. He leads the nation in fitting the highest percentage of daily disposables, because of his passion for the difference it makes in your eye health.

Pictured above: Dr. Mark Chung with Jamie Chung

Dr. Chung and his team of licensed opticians are committed to finding you a frame that is cosmetically pleasing, appropriate for your prescription. We also go the extra mile to find you a look that is youthful, sexy, and hot!